Your Pet’s Dental Health

Your Pet’s Dental Health

Pet dental health

For a Happy and Healthy smile Regular Appointments and Early Detection can make all the difference!

Annual dental care by a veterinarian is essential to your pet’s oral health. Prompt identification of dental disease and other related conditions can improve the overall quality of your pet’s life. Routine dental procedures such as cleanings and x-rays can also help to prevent the prolonged effects of the bacteria that causes periodontal disease (these may include tooth, gum and bone loss). Long-term periodontal disease may contribute to problems with the heart, kidneys and liver caused by the release of bacteria into the bloodstream. Between dental appointments, use veterinary approved chews or oral rinses and brush your pets teeth a minimum of 3-4 times each week.

Some signs that your pet may need an oral evaluation, cleaning and dental x-rays:
• Foul breath
• A buildup of plaque covering your pet’s teeth
• Redness at the gum line
• Difficulty chewing
• Swelling around the face or jaw
• Pawing at the face
• Will not let you inspect his/her mouth

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