Hospital Director

Dr. Everette Bannister

Dr. Everette Bannister is proud to be a part of the FTAC family since its inception. After finishing his clinical year at University of Georgia and graduating from Ross University in 2007, Dr. Bannister has dedicated his career to strengthening the human-animal bond by focusing his passion on educating companion owners on preventative care, practicing internal medicine, and performing advanced dental and surgical procedures. During his free time, he enjoys relaxing with his wife, daughter, and two kitties (Jasmine and Jordan), playing the bass guitar, reading, and community outreach events.

“I’m dedicated to providing your companion with compassionate, gold-standard, and comprehensive health care. As the Hospital Director, I intend to lead a culture that fosters an educational, family-focused, unmatched care atmosphere to ensure you and your companion always have a pleasant experience. Our veterinary team is welcoming and warm, as well as knowledgeable and highly trained. We focus on providing individualized care that meets each companion’s unique needs.” ~Dr. Bannister

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