Top 10 Reasons to Choose FTAC

  1. Complimentary Vaccines with Wellness Exam* (A value up to $215 based on local competitive pricing)

    Why FTAC?

  2. Our compassionate team strives to strengthen the bond between you and your companion by consistently providing unmatched care while upholding the Gold Standard of Veterinary Medicine.
  3. Increased “Face Time” with the Doctor – Wellness Exams start with 30 minute appointments to allow for a thorough exam and offer ample time to address any questions or concerns about your companion's health.
  4. Hospital Admittance Appointments – For clients “on the go” who need to drop off their pet and still want Gold Standard Care
  5. Online Health Records (via Petly web portal) - Personalized to keep you informed of your companion’s medical records (i.e. vaccine schedule/lab work/medication), hospital news, and product recalls, etc. Access Petly pet portal here:
  6. In-House Lab Work – Helps to determine certain inner organ health during illnesses, emergencies and prior to anesthetic procedures.
  7. Pain Management – For surgical and dental procedures, pain is managed before, during, and after the procedure.
    • For painful medical conditions (acute and chronic).
  8. In-House Pharmacy – Preventative medications are conveniently available for purchase during your
    companion’s wellness visit. With illness appointments, once a diagnosis is confirmed, we’re able to dispense the most common medication(s) to help relieve your companion’s discomfort.
  9. Digital Whole Body and Dental X-rays – Faster results, decreased anesthesia time, decreased discomfort, limited exposure to radiation, and the ability to quickly consult with specialists regarding complex findings.
  10. Anesthetic Monitoring Equipment – Gives us the ability to be proactive and identify conditions that can increase the risk of anesthetic complications involving your companion’s heart, lungs, body temperature, blood pressure, etc.

*A Wellness Exam (i.e. nose to tail evaluation and the patient is considered to be in good health per the veterinarian) is REQUIRED for vaccines to be given. Please call to inquire about additional costs that may be unique to your companion's health care plan. Complimentary vaccines with the Wellness Exam is a Limited-time offer.

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