While the thought of an anesthetic procedure may be unnerving for many companion owners, at FTAC, we take every precaution to prevent complications from occurring. For the majority of anesthetic procedures, we:

  1. Perform a nose to tail pre-anesthetic exam within 30 days of the procedure to determine overall health.
  2. Evaluate inner organ function via lab work within a 90-day period (REQUIRED)
  3. Utilize customized anesthetic medications/protocols tailored to your companion’s needs.
  4. Place an IV catheter for medication(s) and IV fluids
  5. Provide IV fluids for hydration, decreased blood pressure, etc.
  6. Administer pain management before, during and after the procedure. Prescribe take-home pain management medication(s).
  7. Use monitoring equipment for the heart, lungs, body temperature, blood pressure, and oxygen levels.
  8. Offer a quiet and comfortable recovery area where companions are consistently monitored by team members during their stay.

Pre-Anesthetic Fasting:

  • Allow free access to water up until leaving the home.
  • Recommend fasting before anesthesia to reduce the risk of regurgitation and aspiration. Food should not be withheld for greater than 4 hours before surgery for companions ranging in age from 6 weeks to 16 weeks due to the risk of perioperative hypoglycemia. For those older than 16 weeks of age, overnight fasting is recommended.

Please click links below for more information regarding Gold Standard anesthetic care:

AAHA Guidelines

Canine Pre-Anesthetic Lab Work

Feline Pre-Anesthetic Lab Work

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